Hamilton Half Mask Workshop


Want to create your own custom mask, or display a creature sculpt on your wall?  Well come to this two day workshop where we have loads of tips and tricks to help you create something special!

In this class we will work together over two days for you to sculpt, cast, and pour your latex mask so you can learn just how those awesome display masks are created.

Bring your sculpting tools and your eyeforms, or if you need those items, let us know and we can supply for the duration of the class.


This is a fast paced class with lots of activity, take a look at the timeline below:

  • Day One:
    • Getting started demo followed by design talk
    • Sculpting your character
    • Molding in plaster
    • Demo on creating sculpting tools
  • Day Two:
    • Demolding the character
    • Dwelling the latex
    • Painting demonstration
    • Painting mask (time permitting)

Be sure to bring your sculpting tools and eye forms for your character.  If you need those supplied we can do so for the duration of the class, but have limited number of eye forms.


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