Summer School Holiday Programme 2018

Week One – 8th through the 12th of January

$400 GST Inclusive for the week with all materials included.

Inspired by recent blockbuster movies utilizing practical effects for their cityscapes, we will be spending a week building a small futuristic cityscape, add lighting, and film the scene.  This is a great opportunity to work on interesting and fun building models using common items you could find at home, and a little bit of inspiration to make your very own movie set similar to the one above.

Depending on the number of students we will build several types of building, paint them using weathering techniques and then work on lighting to make the scene come alive.


Week Two – 15th through the 19th of January

$400 GST Inclusive for the week with all materials included.

In our second week we will be showing how to safely make molds of faces, which will then be cast in plaster.  We will use the face casts to then show how to make a prosthetic that fit the person exactly.  This will involve sculpting, molding, and casting in a variety of materials, which will be applied to the student at the end of the week.

Not only is this a lesson on practical movie makeup techniques, but the life cast makes a wonderful gift for family.

Each week the sessions are from 9 am to 5pm and are held at our Hamilton location, which is located at 29 Gilchrist Street, Block D, Avalon, Hamilton, 3288.


Course Materials

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