Special Effects Makeup – Term 1 – 2018

Tuesdays 10 am-Noon – Maximum 16 Students – Ages 12 and Up

Our home school SPFX make up programme meets once a week for 11 weeks with a variety of projects to ensure the students have a broad understanding of makeup for film, television or commercials.

Each week students will learn about creating prosthetics, using makeup for creating bruises, burns, and old age effects, and other effects makeup techniques. The sessions are 2 hours each Tuesday and will run the entirety of Term 1 which runs from January 29th until April 10th. These classes are held at our Hamilton location, which is located at 29 Gilchrist Street, Block D, Avalon, Hamilton, 3288.


$400 for the term, supplies included. Students can register at any time for a prorated cost $40 per session

Course Materials

Materials will vary per class and a health and safety briefing will be held to ensure everyone understands how to work with the tools and materials. Common items used are sculpting tools, liquid latex, gelatin, food colouring, plaster, makeup, and other items to ensure students get a basic understanding of techniques used in the SPFX industry.


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