15 June 2017

Armand is a former Art Director, Concept Designer, and character and environment designer for Pixar, Disney Feature Animation, and DreamWorks Animation.

The workshop will introduce students to the fundamental principles in designing characters and environments to be put together in a "Story Moment" illustration primarily used for visual development in film, animation, game design, and print illustration. The course will focus on using traditional media to create the foundation for what can then be made into portfolio level finished concept art later on.

Students will be drawing and designing characters and environments in service of a specific story (moment) with a combination of pencils, markers, and paint to create effective thumbnails then roughs and then comps in b/w or full color. The comps will be created with an emphasis for character for staging and storytelling, lighting design and or color key/ color scripting.

The goal is not to create a singular piece of finished portfolio art by workshop's end, rather to create 3 successful thoroughly conceived design comps that features character and environment design in service of a story moment that represents one image from the beginning, middle, climax, and or end of a story. The students can take these comps to a finish and or use these foundational skills when solving any design problems in creating story-driven visuals.

Students will be given a choice of 4 stories to create characters and moments from and should come to class having done some research and gathering some visual reference to inspire and inform their character's design and environments they inhabit in the story. Students are strongly encouraged to show up with thumbnails and sketches of their ideas as well! They DON'T HAVE TO BE MASTERPIECES... they can be rough ideas to get the imagination and possibilities firing up--this will accelerate their design process!!

Story choices:
1. Little Red Riding Hood -fairytale
2. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-Science fiction
3. Dracula-horror
4.King Kong-fantasy adventure

Armand S. Baltazar, is a Senior Designer at Pixar, whose credits include The Prince of Egypt, The Road to Eldorado, Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron, Sinbad, Shark Tale, Flushed Away, The Bee Movie, Princess and the Frog, A Christmas Carol, and Cars 2 and Brave, Inside Out, and The Good Dinosaur.

Armand began his film career with DreamWorks SKG Animation as a Background Painter and later continued on as a Visual Development Artist and Sequence Art Director. He later worked as a Senior Designer and Art Director for Walt Disney Feature Animation and Image Movers Digital.

He continued on as a set designing and art directing for Pixar Animation Studios recently completeing work on Pixar's Academy Award winning film Inside Out and lastly The Good Dinosaur.

Armand is currently writing and illustrating an illustrated adventure novel series: TIMELESS for HarperCollins publishing and is an executive producer on the film adaptation of book one for Twentieth Century Fox. The film is a Scott Free production helmed by Ridley Scott and directed by Carlos Saldahna.

COST $275 (inc GST)
SEATING LIMITED TO 20 STUDENTS (Bring drawing pad and pencils)
June 15th 2017, 10am to 6pm, SkillTree NZ Lab, Hamilton City






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