Our traditional art and design roots allow us to understand what makes something good, and helps us branch out into the digital markets as they emerge.
Our project based, real world courses allows you to understand the how and the why as you create. The theory is wrapped in the practice.
Bringing the best in the industry to mentor you in your creative endeavors will help you achieve your creative potential.
We are working diligently to bring you digital courses as well as the face to face classes we already run. We understand that going to a location is time consuming and cost prohibitive, and we are working on content for just that purpose.


“Our mission is to build a community of like minded individuals through project based learning, industry mentors, and fun learning sessions that allow you to get the most out of your creativity”


Take a look at some of the big names in industry we have had delivering courses


Warren has been a freelance concept designer, story board artist and production illustrator for the film, TV and gaming industry. His most notable work so far would be his contribution to the designing of creatures and characters for Sir Peter Jackson’s trilogy of blockbusters, The Lord of The Rings. His influence can also be seen in numerous other films, including the remake of King Kong and Andrew Adamson’s Narnia series. For the last 4 1/2 years, Warren has been working at Weta digital in Wellington in the Pre-Vis team and was also sub-contracted as a Story board artist with Sir Peter on his 3 “Hobbit” films. Warren has left Weta and is now available as a freelancer.


Klaus is an extremely talented game developer and sculptor.  His daytime job is creating 3D models and motion graphics for video games, however his passion for sculpting has become a business in its own right.  Klaus has sold his collection of busts, figures and magnets at Monsterpalooza in Anaheim California for the last two years and has recently set up his own Etsy shop, which can be seen here and can also buy his magnets here.

Klaus has been a student at our Jordu Schell Half Mask workshop, and a mentor teaching Hand Anatomy armature building, and sculpting.


Chester has previously worked at Weta Workshop and has worked on a variety of music videos, independent films, television shows and has his own effects studio called Special Effects New Zealand.  Chester is a one stop shop for costumes, props, makeup, and knowledge.  Chester has help teach special effects makeup, and prop building for our Home School and School Holiday workshops.


Andrea is a freelance special effects, and body painting artist whose work can be seen in music videos, television, and in photography in various fine art productions.  Andrea is also an amazing signwriter creating beautiful bespoke signs for businesses, weddings and events.  Her chalkboard are amazing. She taught a SPFX and makeup course for a local secondary school.


David has been a professional model maker for over 40 years, working on some of the biggest and most visually stunning films in recent memory.  David has not only created models for all of the Lord of the Rings films, but also has had a hand in creating, or getting ready for production, every collectible from Weta Workshop.  He is prolific and has created books on how works with common materials and insane creativity to build his vision: Build Stuff and Let Slip the Androids of War.  There are two books in the series and can be found on the Skilltree NZ store.


Steph Morgione, is a prop maker and cosplayer from Melbourne, Australia. She has spent thousands of hours soaking up as much knowledge as possible from some of the biggest names in the prop making industry to create the most accurate replicas with the tools and materials she has at hand. Her love of prop making has inevitably led to cosplaying, where she has built detailed and screen accurate suits of armour to wear to pop culture conventions, as well as numerous types and styles of prop weapons to accompany them. Her costumes always draw a crowd and attendees always have a great time admiring her hard work.


Armand is a master visual storyteller, whose traditional art background allowed him to work in some of the biggest animation studios in the world.  Armand was in visual development at Dreamworks Animation, an Art Director at Disney Animation Studios, and a senior development artist and environment designer at Pixar. Currently his visual novel Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic is in the stores and more exciting news is coming from him soon.


Jordu Schell is a renowned American sculptor and concept artist who has been working in the film and television industries for more than 25 years. Films for which Schell has designed creatures and characters include Batman VS. Superman, Predator 2, Men in Black, Alien: Resurrection, Avatar, The Mist, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Edward Scissorhands, Creature of Darkness, Dragonball Evolution and more. Schell also teaches sculpting and design at his Chatsworth, Calif. studio.